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3 Space Marine Centurions, der kan samles som enten Assault eller Devastator Squad.



Centurion Devastator Squads are long-range experts who pound enemy positions with salvos of heavy weapons fire. They are in particular employed to besiege defended enemy positions, or used as mobile firebases to support the Space Marine battle lines.

The Centurion Devastator Squad’s arms can be outfitted with either twin-linked heavy bolters, twin-linked lascannons; or grav cannons and grav-amps. The chest plates can be armed with either a hurricane bolter or a missile launcher.

Centurion Assault Squads excel at storming enemy fortifications. They wield heavy duty siege drills that can breach even the strongest enemy fortifications, or reduce a living opponent to a bloody mass of broken bone. 

The Centurion Assault Squad members are outfitted with a siege drill on each arm, and have the choice of mounting either twin-linked flamers, or twin-linked meltaguns as well. The chest plates can be armed with either ironclad assault launchers or a hurricane bolter.

To add the finishing touches to your squad there is an additional helmet plume to make it clear who the Sergeant is; an omniscope; an eagle back banner; purity seals; and an iron halo.

The Space Marine range is designed so that all of the plastic components can be swapped between different kits. Whilst the Centurion Squad is a truly unique unit all the heads can be interchanged with those of the rest of the Space Marine range. As can the myriad extra pieces of gear that can be discovered in different Space Marine kits, allowing the possibility to create clearly unique collections of miniatures.

This plastic package carries a hundred seventy five components with which to make either a three man Space Marine Centurion Devastator Squad or 3 man Centurion Assault Squad. Also included is 1 Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheet with which to add Chapter iconography and squad markings.