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1 Space Marine Primaris Captain


Space Marine Captains are both superlative warriors and strategically talented commanders who lead Space Marine formations into battle. Those Primaris Captains who favour Mk X Tacticus armour are amongst the most determined and unstoppable of their ilk, and they let nothing prevent them from their duty.

This multi-part plastic kit consists of the components needed to build a Primaris Captain. His Mk X Tacticus power armour is larger and more powerful than the armour of his predecessors, and he carries in his right hand a choice of master-crafted bolt rifle or master-crafted stalker pattern bolt rifle, with a box magazine and overcharger. His left hand can be modelled wielding a power sword, or pointing out the enemy for his Space Marines to obliterate. There is a choice of two unique heads – one bare, and the other is helmeted with a targeter over one eye – and his left shoulder pad has been left clean and smooth, which means your desired Chapter iconography can be effortlessly added.