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Starter Deck: Heracles, Senior counsel

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    When his firm was brought to Aohu to assist in the continuing transition of Gaia to the implementation of galactic currency and to mediate between the two great powers, Heracles took it as a great opportunity to also find the last shareholder, a resident of Aohu, who owns a stake in him; not his company- his human person. 

    If you are a believer in the rule of law, and like some Corp citizens see the need for a liberal society balanced between the optimizing effects of corporatocracy and socialism, this deck is for you! Suppress your enemies' unethical ways by laying down the law with legal events and enforcers. Employ Corp advisors which give "Bring Your own Device" a new meaning with the Dead Drop mechanic, allowing you to scale your business network quickly!

    Heracles' firm is an equal opportunity employer. Vassals are welcome to apply.

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