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5 Striking Scorpions

1 Striking Scorpion Exarch


The Warrior Aspect of the Striking Scorpion epitomises the lethal attributes of their namesake, and they are the most powerful of all the close assault aspects. They are cruel killers barring exception, revelling in the hunt and the kill. When they launch their attack, they use shuriken pistols and scorpion chainswords; vicious blades with diamond-toothed edges that mangle and tear flesh. The signature attack of the Striking Scorpions is made via the weapon pods housed on both sides of the warrior's helmet, regarded as mandiblasters. Activated via a psychic pick-up, they fire a hail of needle-thin shards that act as a conductor for a incredibly charged laser. A mandiblaster volley and the blistering storm of attacks from the Scorpions that follow it is sufficient to tear the heart out of an enemy force. 

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