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The Winning Agenda + Flex Pack

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Includes First Peoples Flex Pack

This deck focuses on the First Peoples faction. Do you want to command the elements? Move with the wind? Call animal spirits to aid you in shootout? Command the spirits to do your bidding? With the Gateway to Beyond outfit, you stand guard against the world’s evils that ordinary men do not see, using powerful totems such as the strength of our ancestors, and the wisdom of the crow and owl.

The First Peoples faction has some great studs with influence, powerful shootout spirits, and board control totems. Add in a variety of movement tricks that will leave your opponent dazed and confused.  The faction’s outfits add support via card draw, influence, and recycling your spirits, making up a faction with plenty of tricks up its sleeves.

Spirits consist of totems (that attach to locations) and regular spirits (that attach to your dudes). The totems Spirit Trail and Ghostly Communion permit movement to and from deeds, and you can limit your opponent’s movement with the Red Horse’s Tail. If your shamans such as Mazatl and Mick Aduladi aren’t enough, you can recruit Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles as a late game finisher that’s cheap to get into play once you’ve placed your totems around town.

Note that cards specifically for the First Peoples faction won’t be found in the Base Set or any expansions released prior to Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force. However, those earlier sets still contain plenty of useful cards for the First Peoples.

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