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5 Tree-revenants, der alternativt kan samles som Spite-Revenants


Merciless, quick and graceful, Tree-Revenants have a variety of responsibilities in a sylvaneth Household. Patrol, defence, conquering and crushing; large bands of Tree-Revenants, with their sombre outlook and refined limbs make the bulk of a Household force. Everything they do is reminiscent of the Protectors of historic days – their intention is is to uphold and fortify the memory of these beings.
Making up the bulk of the Outcast warriors, echoing the noble Households, Spite-Revenants scream a steady dirge of sanity-destroying cacophony, drenching themselves in the blood of the foe and committing acts of horrifying savagery. Fires of absolute insanity burn vibrant in their hateful eyes as they dance into enemy ranks with merciless talons slashing and fangs bared.

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