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1 Tyrannocyte, der alternativt kan samles som Sporocyst & Mucolid Spore


Spat from the quivering orifices of hive ships in low orbit, the Tyrannocyte thunders through tortured skies to slam into the surface of its target world. The impact causes its gravid stomach to split, disgorging the host of Tyranids that dwell inside.
When a Sporocyst has made planetfall, it will unfold its chitinous shell and burrow into the ground like a tick in unprotected flesh. Once embedded, the Sporocyst coughs out clouds of polluting microorganisms that denature the planet’s ecosystem until the air is ripe for digestion.
Mucolid Spores float hastily through the air, exploding with deadly force as soon as they close with their goal - making them a lethal obstruction for enemy flyers.

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