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3 Vertus Praetors, hvoraf 1 kan bygges som en Shield-Captain


Squads of Vertus Praetors swoop into combat astride powerful Dawneagle jetbikes. Veteran warriors who have fought wars on a hundred worlds, these Custodians understand the proper value of speed: not simply to bring the enemy to bear, but to direct their might exactly where and when it is wanted most. Wherever they see their comrades hardest pressed, there the Vertus Praetors strike like golden lightning to bolster them. They scream across the battlefield, swiftly outflanking and encircling the heaviest enemy vehicles – even enemy aircraft are no longer safe, for by combining their fire Vertus Praetors are able to weave airborne webs of flakk into which hurtling enemy craft slam with terminal results. 

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