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10 Vulkite Berzerkers


Known throughout the Realms for their prowess in combat and absolute lack of worry when confronted with enemies that tower over their stout forms, Vulkite Berzerkers are rightly feared by their enemies. Born from a basis of historical culture that stubbornly clings to martial pride, these dauntless warriors make up the bulk of a lodge’s force when marching to war. Roaring guarantees of violent death at the enemy, these combatants live up to their title - a blaze of axes and ur-gold runes, legends are told of Vulkite Berzerkers ignoring wounds that would fell any lesser Fyreslayer, refusing to   die in front of their kin. Those who raise the Horn of Grimnir are stated to wield the booming voice of Grimnir himself - as the horn sounds its sonorous call, the ur-gold runes hammered into each and every Fyreslayer on the battlefield glow ever brighter, as the spirit of their god stirs within... 

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