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Waffen-SS Squad

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SCALE: 28MM - 1/56TH
Some elements of this product are a random selection and may not exactly match the photos.

This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

Germany's armed forces in World War II were arguably the best-trained, equipped and motivated of all the major powers – understandably so in a nation geared to rearmament and aggression to its neighbours. Within these powerful forces emerged another force, the Waffen-SS, who were formed initially as armed bodyguards to Adolf Hitler himself, but later became a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Tough, often lavishly equipped and politically indoctrinated, SS troops formed over 38 divisions and numerous other regimental and battalion-sized units, totaling nearly a million men under arms. Their armoured units won many plaudits for their actions, and although relationships between regular army units and the Waffen-SS were sometimes strained, most SS units fought courageously, sometimes ferociously, against great odds until the wars end in Berlin, 1945.

There are many examples of SS troops fighting well and within the bounds of what we can call 'civilised war', but too many incidents of brutality occured for most people's tastes.

Warlord Games presents some of Germany's toughest troops, eager to close with their enemies and put their training and equipment to the test...

Uncompromising and well-equipped, the soldiers of the Waffen-SS struck fear into the heart of many of their Allied opponents. Clad in their trademark camouflaged uniforms and displaying a tenacity and zeal bordering on the fanatical the Waffen-SS were a dangerous opponent in both attack and defence.

2 random models with MP 40
2 random models with STG44
random 2-man MG42 LMG team
2 random riflemen
2 random riflemen with Panzerfausts
Note: Contents vary from those shown.

Type: Veteran Infantry (5+ to wound, morale 10)
Size: 5 - 10 men
Options: SMGs, Rifles, LMG, Panzerfaust, Assault Rifles
NB: See Bolt Action rulebook for more details
Waffen-SS camo Paint Set

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Late War German Paint Set

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