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3 Allarus Custodians, hvoraf 1 kan bygges som Shield-Captain og 1 kan bygges som Vexilus Praetor


The Allarus Custodians deploy with surprising fury to tear the throat from the enemy army. Where a strongpoint need to be cracked wide open, a traitor warship boarded or a foul demagogue slain even as he stands amidst his devoted bodyguards, there are the Allarus Custodians unleashed. These warriors wear suits of Allarus Terminator plate, expertly crafted armour whose worth can be measured in worlds. Their weapons, too, are formidable, guardian spears twice the height of a man, or castellan axes that can lop the head from an Ork psyker with a single blow. Allarus Custodians dispose of key targets, sow anarchy and confusion through unsuspecting forces and absolutely destabilise the foe’s formations. 

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