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10 Space Marine Primaris Intercessors


A sturdy core of dependable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire whilst advancing or holding down terrain is an worthwhile resource to any tactician. In the case of strike forces bolstered through Primaris battle-brothers, this position is fulfilled by means of the Intercessor Squads. Capable of levelling overlapping salvoes of firepower, these squads frequently shape the flexible battle core of newly-founded Primaris Chapters – though of course many established Chapters have eagerly leveraged their abilities, fielding them alongside Tactical Squads.

This multi-part plastic kit includes the parts needed to build a set of 10 Primaris Intercessors. Wearing Mk X Tacticus armour in order to take advantage of its protection and mobility, they show to be dependable and adaptable warriors, each armed with bolt rifles. Their bolt rifles can be 1 of three versions – the popular bolt rifle with sickle magazine, auto bolt rifle with overcharger and box magazine, or stalker bolt rifle with longer-range sight and straight magazine.

The miniatures can be assembled as either a 10-man squad, a squad of 9 Intercessors with a Sergeant or two separate 5-man squads, each with a Sergeant of their own. The Sergeants feature special heads, with a helmet mag-locked to their belt, and special tilting plates to assist them stand out.

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