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1 Bringers of Death bog


Death stalks the Bloodwind Spoil. Nagash’s gaze turns in the direction of this nightmare realm of slaughter and butchery, and he sends his midnight armies to take the souls that he believes are rightfully his. Perhaps smaller warbands will prevail where his invasion has failed. Even now they chip away at the domains of the living with the cold persistence of the grave, taking what land they can and replacing the insanity with the unmoving, unchanging, unfeeling calm of the dead – in the name of the Great Necromancer. 


Inside, you’ll find:

- Full rules for the following warbands: Flesh-eater Courts, Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, and Ossiarch Bonereapers.
- Fighter cards for nearly every model available to the Grand Alliance: Death ranges.
- Rules for two Monsters of Death: Terrorgheists and Zombie Dragons.
- Refined rules to include Monsters in your warband, as well as new abilities to use against them!
- New rules for warbands with mixed Faction Runemarks under the same Grand Alliance and more than one Leader.
- Tables for warrior names, warband origins, and leader backgrounds.
- 4 Death Fated Quests, including Spoils of Victory tables for both Honour and Glory.
- 6 Death Challenge Battles, including special rules and valuable Spoils.